lago maggiore
lago maggiore


In the local folkore the Twergi are mountain creatures, similar to the Pixie, dressed with leaves, custodians of ancient wisdom, and among the first settlers of Ossola. Clever little creatures that in Winter shelter in the cavities of the old beech trees or into the mine tunnels. It is said that they taught the moutain people to use ash to wash clothes and to process milk to produce cheese.

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My name is Marco, i was born in Verbania, a small town located on the shores of Lake Maggiore at the foot of the Alps. i have always loved being in nature, but initially my course of study took me away from it; it was later that, through photography and following what i felt, i found what i was really looking for: an authentic contact with nature, trying to live it in all its aspects and not just walking through it. 

My path then led me first to a work experience in an alpine hut, called Miryam, in the Formazza valley, a place that has remained in my heart and where i sometimes return to work, then, in 2015, to become a hiking guide environmental and, in 2018 a  Nordic Walking instructor. 

In 2019 I joined the official guides of the Val Grande National Park. 

I currently work as a hiking guide trying to convey the love for nature and the territory to those who participate in my excursions.


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